European makeover

Before & Afters

Above – As we walked in through the front hallway to the great room of this beautiful Franklin, TN home, their design dilemma was immediately apparent. That was then, this is now.   

For this client we designed faux decorative makeover that would resemble the look of an authentic European-villa. We applied hand-troweled and softly colored plaster to the walls and added the warmth of Italian inspired hand painted wood glaze and inset mural to this rooms built-in cabinets and doors.  Topped off with an authentic-looking walnut wood grained coffer ceiling and this home goes for good to great design.   Stunning!


2 thoughts on “Before & Afters”

  1. This is some of the most incredible work I have ever seen.
    With 20 plus years in the interior design business I have seen it all.
    They will tackle any size job and obviously take care of the smallest details.
    Enjoyed seeing the “before and afters”. Keep up the great work.
    Wishing you all the best in your future before and afters.

  2. These Before & After pictures should be re-named ~Total Transformations! The Faux work seen here is Fabulous. One might not be able to change the ‘bones or structure’ of their home but one can always use professionals to paint, add Faux work, glazes, details etc. I am in love with the detail to attention, workmanship & the ideas that Faux Decor can give!

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