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Before and After Room Designs… from Good to Great Design.  

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Before and After - Custom colored French plaster walls and wood grained coffers with custom hand painted built-in wood graining and mural door faces croped.

Opening Page Picture: For this client’s before and after room design we created a decorative makeover that resembled the look and feel of an authentic European-villa.

The Before and After design progression: We first applied hand-troweled and softly colored plaster to the homes walls, then we added the warmth of wood-grained glazing over the built-in cabinets and the beauty of a hand painted mural on the cabinet doors insets.   Topping it off with a with an authentic looking wood-grained walnut coffer ceiling taking this home’s good design to great design.  Stunning!       

Faux Decor pays meticulous attention to every detail while specializing in dozens of custom design styles. Ordinary plain surfaces are transformed into extraordinary show-pieces. Our distinctive surface designs can range from simple subtle color washes to complex multi-layered textural effects. We offer a wide variety of elegant faux finishes that include: decorative plasters, glaze techniques, marbleizing, metallic effects, gold & silver leafing, faux stone, wood graining, murals and more…                 

Check out just a few of these before and after looks that were custom created for our customers from Classical European to Traditional and Modern Designs.These plaster, wall and ceiling glazes, cabinet finishes, decorative painting, murals, wood graining, faux marble and interior painting selections are mainly from our Brentwood, Franklin, and Middle TN client’s homes.                        (more galleries)

Faux designs can also be the perfect room enhancement for any space, so check out a few embellishments in our Finishing Touches and Column Design galleries.                                      (see galleries)

See just a few of our completed  before and after project shots.

(For more design ideas and inspiration check out our Pinterest Page)

2 thoughts on “Before and Afters”

  1. This is some of the most incredible work I have ever seen.
    With 20 plus years in the interior design business I have seen it all.
    They will tackle any size job and obviously take care of the smallest details.
    Enjoyed seeing the “before and afters”. Keep up the great work.
    Wishing you all the best in your future before and afters.

  2. These Before & After pictures should be re-named ~Total Transformations! The Faux work seen here is Fabulous. One might not be able to change the ‘bones or structure’ of their home but one can always use professionals to paint, add Faux work, glazes, details etc. I am in love with the detail to attention, workmanship & the ideas that Faux Decor can give!

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