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Nashville Color Consultations

Painting Your Home?

We Can Help You Pic The Perfect Color For Each Room.

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When it comes to making important decision about the look of your Nashville home, professional Nashville Color Consultations are key. Some people tend to shy away from this type of expert service because they fear they will lose their voice, as well as what makes them unique, in the process. You should know that by working with the team of Nashville decorative painting experts here at Faux Decor you can rest assured you are as much a part of the process; we are simply there to offer guidance and advice.

With well over 20 years of expertise in the field, and having launched the business in 2002, we have gained a real good eye for detail and feel for what works to create the finest of elegant looks. You will be participating; it is a collaborative process in which we are often only there to help you find some direction. While it should be exhilarating, it can be overwhelming to see your interior walls as blank slates because there is so much pressure to make the right decisions. Working with us will help alleviate the stress and ignite creativity in you that you may not have even realized you had.

Our Professional Color Consultation Service:

Beautiful bedroom color ideas.

The point of a true expert color consultant is not to push their personal agenda of the colors they personally like, it is about unearthing what you really want and making suggestions that will pair well with perfectly with the space and decorations you have.

We all put up and tried to live with over-sized swatches of colors on our walls in order to see if, within a day or two or even a week, they still hold the same allure and appeal. At Faux Decor it’s our job to be able to show you options you have never before considered and open your eyes and experience new possibilities. We help you  view color possibilities viewed in each rooms lighting,  which can make all of the difference.

Finding a rooms the perfect color with our professional guidance can help you select a colors that can span the tests of time, not trendy fads that will need to be replaced within a year or two. And most importantly it will save you hours of time and money purchasing countless samples of paint colors that never look like they do on the swatch. You know that look of beautifully design room right out of the pages of a magazine…Enjoy the look for your home today!

Our Color Consultation Service Is For All Nashville Residents:

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Don’t try to make this type of important decision on your own, or settle for generic and microscopic paint chips you acquire from your local home improvement store. Teaming up with the experienced pros at Faux Decor will make all of the difference in choosing a color you can love and live with long term, or not. For the best in expertise in color, let our Nashville Color Consultations be your guide.

How Much Does Faux Decor’s Time & Money Saving Color Consultation Service Cost? 

Our Highly Acclaimed In Home Color Consultation Service Is Only:

$175.00 for the first hour and $125.00 for each hour thereafter. 

Home office with custom color palate and painted professionally by faux decor(Our typical color consultation takes approximately 1 to 3 hours. Color Consultations for larger projects or whole house consultations will naturally require more time – however, as a special savings to our customers this additional time is bundled and price capped). 

Take full advantage of our color consultation service and request your personalized slideshow room color presentation.  If you would like to see and experience your new color palette painted on your rooms walls before you begin your painting project – we will insert our chosen color(s) into your room(s) so you can view them in a slideshow presentation (this room color presentation service typically takes about 1 to 2 hours and is billed at our standard hourly rate). Note: Our celebrated in home color consultation is a free service for those customers who elect to use Faux Décor as their professional interior painting contractor ($4000 dollars minimum contracted project price required).

And be sure and check our Seasonal Specials page to take advantage of our periodic money saving coupons and special deals on all our painting services.

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