Amazing Nashville Decorative Finishes

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    Decorative: to decorate or adorn; ornamental. 

    When the ordinary just won’t do… 

    Stunning custom powder room designsNashville Decorative Finishes for your home are the ideal way to expand your concept of color. Why settle for walls that are limited to a solid color or just bold stripes?

    You may already have the look in mind that know you want, or maybe you need our expertise to help you conceptualize something customized for your home. With over two decades of experience backing the Faux Decor name, you can rest assured that you will fall in love with the looks we design and bring to life for you. There is no reason to settle for boring walls when we can breathe new life into the look and truly create a style that goes above and beyond the usual definition of interior design.

    Create vibrancy and vitality in your space; let us commit to making your space really represent who you are. Aside from adding to the property value of your home, this will ensure that you realize the maximum potential of your space. Discover a color palette that expresses who you are, or let us work to help you create a new one.   finishing touches gallery

    Decorative Flourishes Can Make All The Difference.

    Nashville Faux Finishing ceiling muralNashville Decorative Finishes are all about finding inspiration from the most unusual of places to create a look that is unique to the inside of your home. Subtle patterns, inspirations from nature to completely one of a kind looks can now develop the interior look of your home – and now you know the name of the professional team that can help make that possible for you. Trust in Faux Decor, the name locals have relied on since first launching the business in 2002.

    Custom stencil in gold and glazed dome effect

    Custom Stencil Over Flat Ceiling In Metallic Gold and Warm Silver with Shadow Glaze Dome Edge Effect.

    Decorative Finishing Experts

    Add depth, creativity and modify your interior walls into artistic masterpieces. By working with our skilled and reputable experts here at Faux Decor even the sky is not the limit, but we can bring that look into your home if that happens to be what you have in mind.

    Nashville Decorative Finishes


    Custom designed loggia Venetian plaster columns with faux stone capitals and base and upper wall O’villa plaster finish pool4

    Loggia: Burnished and Polished Venetian Plaster Columns, Faux Stone Capitals and Upper Walls in Custom Glazed O’villa Plaster.Venetian plaster columns and Italian plaster walls



    More Than Just Faux…Creating Real Change In Your Homes Decor

    Nashville Faux Finishing living room

    Faux Wood Built-in Cabinets (previously painted white) and Modern Wall Color Complete This Rooms Design

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The only thing standing in the way of having a look for your home that will leave your guests in awe is you making the decision to move forward and contact Faux Decor. If you don’t already know what we can do for you… glance through our impressive online finishing touches gallery and all our galleries.  Ten go ahead and schedule a time to meet with our Nashville decorative painting experts to see in person what we have to offer. When it comes to the best in Nashville Decorative Finishes, you are going to love the work that we do for you. Let us work with you to help transition your home from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Give us a call today so we can get started transforming your homes design from good to great design.

    faux copper range hood front view

    Faux Copper Range Hood with Faux Copper Side Straps – Front View.

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