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What is United Artisans?

The Chairman of United Artisans: Master Artisan Jay Bernard

The Regent Chairman of United Artisans: Master Artisan Andrew Bruckman

The United Artisans Guild Inc. links the skills, talents and resources of top Decorative and Faux Painting company’s together.

UA’s Presentation Brochure front-cover design. The United Artisans Guild founded in 2002 as the premier organization of faux design originality and superior project production. United Artisans is a membership organization of top faux finishers linked together under a code of behavioral conduct, top design ability and paradigm changing method of doing business that creates for our customers’ amazing design & extraordinary room finishes.

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Experience for yourself the superior performance of United Artisans.

The UA Logo

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United Artisans Guilds unique business paradigm links talented independent faux finishing and decorative painting companies equably. Thus allowing  are talented independent company members to team to grow their businesses together.

What this means for our customer’s is enhanced project design, faster project performance and greater customer satisfaction. Contact us today and experience United Artisans for yourself.

 Members only section “Backstage Pass” link. 

UA achieves “better design, better performance, better customer satisfaction because UA partner companies, are just, better together.” Would like to be linked to United Artisans?

To become a member of United Artisans or Call us at 615.414.5059

UA links greatness together – UA Productioneers Team Logo


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