European plaster walls, wood grained coffers  with custom hand painted built-in wood graining and mural door faces3.

Faux Finishes

What are Faux Finishes?

Faux Finishing effects make surfaces look like something they’re not. Faux painting, faux finishing and decorative painting are all terms used to describe the technique of duplication, imitation and unique artistic expressions.  Faux Finishing and decorative painting are the methods in design that add color, depth, texture, or pattern and are respected as a valuable design solution for adding style, sophistication or a dramatic flair to any home.

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Perfect design is harmony… perfectly balanced. And perfectly balancing every homes design elements is what our design teams do best.   

Check out just a few of these Classic, European, Traditional, and Modern Design faux finishes that were custom created for our customers.  Faux designs can also be the perfect room enhancement so also check out a few room embellishments in our Finishing Touches and Column Design galleries.                               (our design team)

Classic Designs in Decorative Painting

European Designs in Decorative Painting

Traditional Designs in Decorative Painting

Modern Designs in Decorative Painting

Finishing Touches in Decorative Painting

Column Designs and Techniques in Decorative and Faux Painting

Ceiling Sky Murals

Decorative and Faux Painting Designs in Ceiling Medallions