Chandelier refinished in silver and gold metal design

Finishing Touches

Faux Decor’s Finishing Touches.

In The Finishing Touches section  we show you simple, easy and cost effective ways faux can take on a supporting role. Faux techniques can integrate and blend in with any existing design scheme as well as heighten any design, taking good design to great design.

Before and After - Faux mosaic tile switch plates1.

After – Switch plate faux-ed to blend into this Brentwood client’s butler’s pantry mosaic tile backsplash.

A good example of this is Another example is switch plat covers (left) this switch plate cover was blended to match this Brentwood customer’s kitchen counter mosaic tile back-splash design. This technique can be accomplished with marble, granite or tile.

Another example is of this is ceiling medallions (below) – converting plain white DIY store bought plastic light fixture medallions – into unbelievably looking metal showpieces.

See the Finishing Touches gallery below for more cool solutions. 

Imitation meets Innovation.

Imitation is faux…

(French for “false”) effects make surfaces look like something they’re not, for example, leather, stone, plaster, marble etc. Faux Décor’s master finishers use their knowledge  and their combined experience of this time-honored and respected art form to help with your homes decorating challenges.

When Less is More…

 Innovation is Faux as Art”.

For our customers who what the warmth, artistry, diversity and complex looks that faux design offers, just not everywhere? Faux Décor’s artisans also create dazzling faux custom art pieces. These one of a kind plaster, glaze and painted wall hangings can be rendered on canvas, Masonite board or done on fabric paper.  Whichever you chose our ‘Faux as Art” designs are tailored for each customer personal taste and are custom fitted to any to fit any space.

Faux Originality… Jay Bernard’s “The real side of faux”

Faux Decor artisans create real art. Our artisans create dazzling faux embellishments that help your home’s interior design go from good to great. One example of our faux enhancements is master artisan jay Bernard’s proprietary “The real side of faux”  3D Tuscan grapes designs.

Faux Sculpted Grapes

Perfect for wine cellars, over doorways or kitchen soffits. The faux grapes shown left are a portion of a larger design over an arched doorway - see the complete design in our room Finishes gallery row eight.


Faux Décor creates custom designs for that unique relationship you have with your home. Find out for yourself why Faux Decor customers are falling in love with their homes all over again.

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