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presentation site new logo new1United Artisans Guild Inc. is a professional
business organization with an exclusive membership of remarkable faux finishers, decorative painters, and amazing mural artist. UA partner design teams are not only skilled in all aspects of the decorative arts but also in the art of efficient project production. Resulting in some the most stunning and spacious changing room designs being produced in the design industry today in a time-frame that every client appreciates

Our design teams in harmony create a balanced design. Perfect design is perfectly balanced and perfectly balancing your home’s design is what our teams do best. From the initial design concept to the completion of your project.

The Founder and Chairman of United Artisans:

Master Artisan Jay Bernard

The Regent Chairman of United Artisans Nashville Tennessee:

Master Artisan Tim Davis 

The Regent Chairman of United Artisans Litte Rock Arkansas:

Master Artisan Andrew Bruckman


United Artisans Mantra “better together” is expanded to mean…”better design, better performance, and better customer satisfaction.” Because United Artisan partner companies are just …better together.


The United Artisans Logo

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

The United Artisans Logo

The United Artisans Guild referred to as UA was founded in 2002 as the premier organization of faux design originality and superior project production.
The superior performance of UA demonstrated on every project.
The United Artisans collective team portfolio’s includes – just to mention a few; Luxury Hotels, murals for Chicago’s and other city’s finest restaurants, personal commissioned art pieces and murals, commercial remodels, State of Arkansas highest award for finest restoration artist, personal work in countless private homes and offices of our nation’s top CEO’s and hundreds of homes and businesses just like yours across the country where we have exhibited our space changing designs and finishes.Nashville Faux Finishing design graphic

United Artisans is a membership organization of the top faux finishers linked together under a code of behavioral conduct, top design ability and paradigm changing the method of doing business. This new standard of doing business creates for our customers’ amazing room designs and stunning accents and decorative finishes taking our clients’ homes from good design to great design.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

logo-team_edited-11-400x293Experience for yourself what hundreds of others like you have already experienced, the design and performance difference that United Artisans can make for your home.
The United Artisans Guild Inc. links the skills, talents, and resources of top decorative and faux painting company’s together to better serve our clients.

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