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Paint Color Consultations – Nashville’s        five-star Rated Color design service

What makes Faux Decor’s Color Consultations so qualified? 

colo deckWith over 20 years of expertise in the field of custom wall, ceiling, decorative finishes, interior painting, and color harmonizing when balancing home design nationwide.

We are now making available to all Nashville Residents our nationwide color consultation services.  No longer will you need to make this important decision of color choice on your own. Everyone knows that trying to make a selection from generic and microscopic paint chips you acquire from your local home improvement or paint store is nearly impossible. So, when you team up with the experienced pros at Faux Decor’s Nashville Color consultation it will make all of the difference in choosing a color you and your home can love and enjoy.


What to Expect from our color consultation specialist: It’s simple! And, you’re not left out of the process;

While choosing your home’s color can be exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Working with our color specialist can help alleviate that stress and ignite your latent creativity. Our color specialists help you select colors that will perfectly fit your home’s unique design style and add that modern lift that will last for years to come. Contact us today and let’s get started finding your home’s perfect color.

You know that look of beautifully design room right out of the pages of a magazine…Enjoy the look for your home today! Our color experts will help you select the perfect color palette for any room or for your complete home’s design.


Benefits of Hiring a Paint Color Consultant

There are plenty of benefits to having a room or the exterior painted by someone that knows what they are doing as opposed to someone that has never had to paint before. Your home can have superior painting done to it as you’ll see the following benefits:


  • Affordable – time savings in choosing the right color 
  • Coordinated with your home’s architecture and interior designs
  • Your painting project is done once with the perfect color scheme


Our Professional Color Consultations Save you Time & Money

Hiring a professional eliminates the problem of finding the right look and color for the home no matter if it’s for the interior or the outside. A professional can spot issues with the color of the paint you want… so no longer will you need to deal with the disappointing complexities of color. Think of all the time and money you’ll save not having to run to your neighborhood paint store to experiment with countless quarts of disappointing colors.   

Our faux painting color consultants are able to pick out the right colors because – it’s our forte. We have an understanding and color and paint, and it has shown all throughout our clients’ private homes, night clubs, small offices, hotels, murals, faux painting, decorative finishes and more.

What is any room’s perfect color? 

Picking the Right Paint Schemes for your Home can be Frustrating

It can be frustrating to pick out your own colors if you do not have a knack for it. There are literally thousands of colors and mixes. There is always something different for each room of the home. Here is some insight for getting the perfect color:

  • Dark colors absorb light and often make a room feel enclosed,
  • Lighter colors open spaces and look bigger and more inviting
  • Neutral colors – does not mean grey, brown, or white… it’s all about a colors undertones. 


Color Complexities

It is fine to pick a color you like for your rooms on your own, but green is never just green. Picking out paint colors can be tricky because there are lots of variations of the color green as well as others. At Faux Painting Nashville, we can help you pick out the right shade of green. 

There are lots of ways in which a professional paint color consultation in Nashville can enhance your home on the inside and out. You’ll find that our consultation service will bring new life into your walls and home no matter where you live.




Our Nashville Color Consultants Provide:

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What does Nashville’s Faux Decor Color Consultation Service cost? 

Our highly acclaimed in-home color consultation service is now only: $125 for the first hour and $75 for each hour thereafter. (See our seasonal special page for big savings and discounts!)

Nashville Faux Finishing colors


Take full advantage of our five-star color consultation service and experience your new designer colors and enhanced design finishes in any interior room or space or your home exterior. 


We will insert our chosen color(s) into your room(s) or home’s exterior so you can view them in a slideshow presentation (this room color presentation service is billed at our standard hourly rate). Below are just a few examples of our color consultations.


Note: Our celebrated in-home color consultation average billing is approx. two (2) to three (3) hours. And is a free service for those customers who elect to use Faux Décor as their professional Interior Painter ($5000 dollars minimum contracted project price required).

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your personalized Photoshop-Slideshow presentation of the projects completed looks…


Our five-star color consultation service can also provide you with completed looks of any room or home exterior. These design variations are in a personalized Photoshop-Slideshow presentation of your projects finished look. Imagine! …you can now experience your home’s new color palette and/or enhanced design finishes before you begin. 

Be sure and check our Seasonal Specials page and take advantage of more money saving coupons and special deals.  


More Color Tips

As the amount and angle of the sun changes, so will your room colors.

“Natural light should always be considered when choosing the color for any space,”- According to color expert Sarah Cole of the Farrow & Ball paint company. You know that look of beautifully design room right out of the pages of a magazine…Enjoy the look for your home today! Our color experts will help you select the perfect color palette for any room or for your complete home’s design.


“Natural light should always be considered when choosing a color for any space,”- According to Sarah Cole of the Farrow & Ball paint company.


) North-facing rooms: Light in these rooms is cool and bluish. Bolder colors show up better than muted colors; lighter colors will look subdued. “Use strong colors and embrace what nature has given,” says Cole.


2) South-facing rooms: Lots of high-in-the-sky light brings out the best in cool and warm colors. Dark colors will look brighter; lighter colors will virtually glow.


3) East-facing rooms: East light is warm and yellowy before noon, then turns bluer later in the day. These are great rooms for reds, oranges, and yellows.


4) West-facing rooms: Evening light in these rooms is beautiful and warm, while scant morning light can produce shadows and make colors look dull.

star 1become one of the hundreds of Nashville residents that have taken advantage of our highest-rated  COLOR CONSULTATIONS and decorative room design Service

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